elevenfeet: concept and product design

parkingbox_front page


cylindrical wall_front page

cylindrical wall helbig

TEP_front page02

TEP. a tourist experience pavilion howest and government of flanders


xtran otn systems

gulden spoor_frontpage

gulden spoor stad kortrijk


innowiz in a box industrial design center

ananas de courtrai_front page

ananas de courtrai stad kortrijk

zaal vijf frontpage02

room five budascoop

entretoise_front page

entretoise elevenfeet

kodisain_front page

[ko:di’sain] designregio kortrijk


flitspaal boempatat

innowiz tools_front page02

innowiz tools industrial design center

tickettocreativity_front page

ticket to creativity elevenfeet

fix't_front page

fix’t elevenfeet

atelier voor creatieve starters_front page

atelier voor creatieve starters pom west vlaanderen

mesen_front page

tip mesen city of mesen

onoff_front page

onoff oxygene

ssst_front page

ssst akoestix products

projectrabbit_front page

project rabbit week of design

wattstation_front page

wattstation experience general electric

eclipse_front page

eclipse umbrosa


table xx habbekrats

kan.t_front page

kan.t howest

spectra_front page

spectra umbrosa

fishhanger_front page

fishhanger arcotec

thestudios_front page

the studios the studios


tofold joli

lumiline_front page

lumiline avc

multifunctioneelwijkpunt_front page

multifunctioneel wijkpunt stad kortrijk

triple nipple_frontpage

triple nipple bombay sapphire


recycleerhanger fbt